Joining Callula

Recruitment Warning:  Beware of Imposters

Callula Models considers the safety and well-being of aspiring models a top priority. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, transparency, and authenticity and believe it is important to advise models about unscrupulous people who prey on their ambitions.

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of Callula Models, please ask them to verify their identity. Promptly call or email us directly and we will be happy verify their identity.

If you are under 18 and someone claiming to be a representative or model manager from any agency contact you, immediately alert your parents and/or a responsible adult.

Please note: Callula Models does not request photos in the nude or lingerie, and we never require monetary payment.

We wish you well in your pursuits and remind you to always be safe.

My Sister/Brother/Cousin/Friend would be perfect but she is too shy to try something like this. Can I apply for them?

Unfortunately, no. If they’re going to become a model, they will have to participate eventually.

If you think they have what it takes to get noticed, we suggest you keep encouraging or trying to convince them to apply. Offer to be their photographer, and help them pursue their goals!

What if I don’t have professional photos?

That’s just fine by us. What we really want to see is fresh, natural snapshots of you that any friend or family member can easily take on their smart phone.

Should I at least wear makeup?

Absolutely not! Models may wear makeup in pictures, but even models don’t wear makeup on their day off. We want to see your natural look – clean, beautiful, and makeup-free.

Do you have open calls?

The world today has gone digital and so have we, which means this really is the best way for us to see and evaluate every single person who might be interested in applying. So no, we don’t have open calls.

What if I don’t have any experience?

Hey, everyone starts somewhere! Beginners and fresh faces are exactly what we’re looking for. In this business, being new can be an invaluable advantage, so don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring. Of course experienced models are always valued and can be of great assistance to up and coming models.  We would like to create a community where we are all here to help and encourage each other!

Is there an application fee to join?

Never at Callula – and there should never be any cost to you to apply anywhere.


Please use:
- Your full name.
- Best email to contact you on.
- Best mobile number to contact you on.
In the comment section please include:
- Your height in CM
- Instagram handle
- Any links to portfolios/previous work.

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