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TRUST, and why it is so important to us.

As a model, I’ve joined, and been a part of my fair share of modelling agencies. How many of these agencies did I 100% trust? None. Agencies can tell you they’re only taking 20%, but they’re taking much more. You can be tricked into “unpaid” work that the Agency is actually being paid for. Agencies can trick you into doing…

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Castings… What Do You Wear?

Castings are the first impression the client will have of you, so how do you prepare for that!? You get dressed up right..? No, well yes but no! Castings ARE the first impression.. but it’s also where they need to see YOU, so throw the fancy dress away and grab your skinny jeans, or fitted pants. To keep it simple,…

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So What Is Petite?

Well, take a normal size 10 human.. and then pop them in a dryer. They are still a size 10 proportionally.. just everything has shrunk a little. I see a LOT of women complain about going from a size 10 in “normal” clothing to a 12.. maybe even a 14 in petite clothing.The reason you may be going from a…

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