As a model, I’ve joined, and been a part of my fair share of modelling agencies. How many of these agencies did I 100% trust? None.

Agencies can tell you they’re only taking 20%, but they’re taking much more.
You can be tricked into “unpaid” work that the Agency is actually being paid for.
Agencies can trick you into doing “courses” and “portfolio shoots” when there is no need for you to do, and charge extortionate fees.

I’ve had previous agencies steal clients from that I worked hard to establish a relationship with through freelancing.
I’ve had agencies take more than a 20% cut of my hard work.
I’ve had agencies try and trick me into paying thousands of dollars for a portfolio shoot I didn’t need.
I’ve been sent to “TFP” shoots by an Agency, which the Agency was paid for.
I’ve also (unfortunately) worked for an agency that tricks aspiring models into doing a course that they learn very minimal from (and was severely underpaid for).

My point is, I get it. I’ve been there. It’s unfair, and it needs to change.

Callula is not only an agency for petites, it’s an agency I want models and the people we work with to trust.

I encourage you to build relationships and source freelance work from non-agency clients.
If you have worked with a client directly, who then decides to go through us. This can happen for a number of reasons. I will ask YOU if you want me to handle them and take my 20% cut, or if you’d like to take the reigns back, deal with the client and earn your full rate.
I never want any models to feel they are being ripped off, so if you ever have any questions or problems regarding payments, work, clients etc. please feel free to talk, let’s build a relationship built on trust and communication

Happy modelling petites posse!

Alana x

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