Castings are the first impression the client will have of you, so how do you prepare for that!? You get dressed up right..? No, well yes but no! Castings ARE the first impression.. but it’s also where they need to see YOU, so throw the fancy dress away and grab your skinny jeans, or fitted pants.
To keep it simple, we’ve put this into point form so you can use this as a checklist. If you want to read the reasons why, you can, but if not, just focus on the bold.
  • Skinny Jeans / Fitted Pants in denim blue or black.
    Skinny jeans / fitted pants are .. hugging, to say the least, which is perfect for castings. The casting directors need to be able to see your figure!
  • Fitted T-shirt.
    Not a skivvy, not a turtle neck, and absolutely not crop tops!. Casting directors need to be able to see your arms. In winter, you can always layer up with a leather look jacket or nice long coat, but make sure you take it off before stepping foot into that casting. The fitted part is the same reasoning for the jeans, they need to be able to see your figure. 
  • Heels (at least bring them)
    You CAN wear sneakers, but make sure you bring heels just in case they want to see you strut your stuff. If you’re happy and confident walking in with them, I’d recommend them to complete your look.
  • Keep your hair down, and DO NOT over style it.
    Castings are all about that natural off-duty look, so put the curling wand, blow dryer and straightener away. If your hair needs a little taming, make sure it looks SUPER natural.
  • NATURAL makeup.
    Don’t you DARE be picking up those Kimmy K contour tips for your casting, Keep it light, fresh and again NATURAL looking. A tinted SPF or moisturiser, mascara, a tame of those brows and a lip balm is all you really need. If you have super veiny eyelids, pop a light concealer over them.
  • No accessories or very simple accessories.
    A watch is ok, your pandora rings and bracelets and “bigger the hoop bigger tho hoe” earrings.. are not. A sleeper or plain stud is ok if you have your ears pierced.
    If you have multiple piercings and can take them out, you’re better off doing that. If you can’t, don’t stress!
  • Clear or nude nail polish and please NO FAKE NAILS.
    If you’re a lover of red nail polish, black nail polish or bright colours.. I’m sorry.. but those bright days are gone.
    For castings it’s not a HUGE deal if you have a colour on your nails.. but it is better if you don’t.
    Oh, and those fake nails.. hmmm, they NEED to go.
  • No splotchy fake tans
    A fake tan can look stunning especially when you know your going for a casting to shoot summer looks.. but as soon as it starts to look patchy, splotchy, dry and .. terrible, scrub until your skin bleeds (joking of course) but please do your best to remove it.
    Also, sometimes tans can go wrong, look orange and we don’t always see it.. ask the internet if it l looks good before you head out, or your agent. Both can be brutal though, so be ready for an honest answer.
Remember that simple and natural is the best way to go at a casting. Always be polite, on time and show your personality!
You may not always get the role, but don’t take it personally.. they may have been after someone with a massive gap in their teeth and you have perfectly straight teeth! You never know what exactly it is they want so don’t stress, there is nothing wrong with you!

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