Well, take a normal size 10 human.. and then pop them in a dryer. They are still a size 10 proportionally.. just everything has shrunk a little.
I see a LOT of women complain about going from a size 10 in “normal” clothing to a 12.. maybe even a 14 in petite clothing.
The reason you may be going from a size 10 to a 12P is that a petite range has been “shrunken” to fit petite frames.
As a petite our shoulders, hips and ribcage may be be narrower, torso, legs and arms may be shorter and.. the distance between our chest and our shoulders will even be shorter! 
We are still perfectly in proportion.. we’re just petite. Normal sized humans, that have been shrunk in the dryer!

In “normal” clothes we often have to size down to make sure that the clothes are fitting nicely across our shoulders, or down our arms and legs. In petite clothing, we are able to find our size that fits everywhere perfectly.
So how do you know if you’re petite?
1 – If you buy a bra and have to tighten the straps nearly all the way.. that’s probably a good start.
As I said, petite women have a shorter distance between our chest and shoulders!
2 – You always need to have hems taken up. Pants, maxi skirts, maxi dresses, jeans that you have to fold up otherwise they look all scrunched at the bottom, pantsuits you need to wear 20inch heels in so that there’s not a pile of fabric on the floor.
3 – Your sleeves always end up halfway down your hands, which then means your food always ends up on your sleeves.. ugh!!
4 – You can’t buy dresses without adjustable straps and if you do, you have to have them altered or the dress expects your boobs to be down.. much lower.  A hint, if you buy a dress and it is not sitting right, have someone stand behind you grab the shoulders of the dress and raise them a few inches……now it looks perfect!
5 – no matter what size you try on.. something just isn’t looking RIGHT!
If you can relate to some of these.. or all of these, chances are.. you are petite!!
Ladies, if theres one thing in life you MUST know, it is your body type and that “sizing” in stores means absolutely nothing!! You could be a size 4 in one store and a size 8 in another.. in fact it could even be different within the same brand!  Sizing is all over the place and you SHOULD NOT let it define you. 
When you know your body type (and frame) it becomes a lot easier to look out for things that you know will suit you. Stop feeling like there is something “wrong” with you the next time you go shopping when that size 6 is too small, but the size 8 is too big. There are more and more petite brands popping up, so get yourself to one of those and try again!

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