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Callula Models is the first Agency to exclusively represent Petite Models.

Emerging trends have seen fashion designers such as Karl Largerfeld, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Moschino and more using petite models in their campaigns, and even heading their runway shows. This combined with a surge in petite lines both in high end and mainstream fashion, has created a need to provide petite models to showcase them. For example,  you can’t use a 5’10” model in a campaign for Basque Petite Range, when the range is designed for women under 5’4″, the proportions and sizing would be all wrong!

Most modelling agencies cater for taller models with many having minimum height restrictions, with  female models being 5’7″ and over and males being 5’11” and over. So here at Callula, we don’t have a minimum height, just a maximum one! All our models are under these typical “model” heights.

There are numerous campaigns that don’t require a height restriction, for example, Beauty campaigns, parts modelling (jewellery) and even swimwear / lingerie where proportion, not height is the most important factor.  So given this, why are petite models underrepresented?

If you are a petite model or are looking for a petite model for your campaign, Callula Models is the answer. Our model coordinators will be more than happy to assist you.

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